About Us

Government Healthcare Building Services

Chesapeake Planning and Consulting is an SDVOSB, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business specializing in consulting, planning, and procurement for government medical organizations. We specialize in VA, DOD and other Government Medical Institutions. As your single point of contact during the expansion and construction process, nothing is forgotten, helping government medical facilities deliver services on time and budget. Our company culture is based on honesty, integrity, trust, and pride.

Unparalleled medical industry experience

For more than 40 years, the CPC team has delivered results for medical organizations across the Mid-Atlantic, South, Northeast, and Texas. Our extensive clinical and procurement background is unparalleled in the industry. Experience gives us an in-depth understanding of how equipment fits into a construction project and how the equipment will be utilized in the future. Our inside knowledge regarding the function and flow of a medical facility adds to the value we provide government clients. We also employ the ATTAINA database, so our clients have access to the most recent innovations available for medical service providers.

Why Chesapeake Planning and Consulting?

Our dedicated team of highly qualified experts allows government medical service providers to take advantage of comprehensive, single-source solutions from a qualified, experienced medical vendor. The team consists of experts covering every service you need, from pre-construction services to project management, logistics, and procurement. We offer personal attention, including the oversight and involvement of the senior management team to lend additional expertise to every project. Our team leaves no stone unturned during any process, so your organization can be assured you are making the best decisions for long-term financial and service outcomes. Count on the CPC team for continuous quality assurance, meticulous documentation, and a commitment to sustainability from pre-construction services to project management, initial outfitting and transitioning, logistics, and procurement.

Meet The CHP Team

Mitch Norris


As the CEO and Founder of CHP and CPC, Mitch serves as the Senior Principal and Project Manager responsible for all CHP/CPC projects. Mitch specializes in medical equipment acquisitions, supply chain management, finance, facility management, and project management. He is involved with pre-construction services, as well as scheduling and overseeing the procurement and installation of medical equipment and systems. Responsibilities also include preparation of detailed proposals, RFP’s and Statements of Work.

Norma Norris


Norma oversees the Business Development and day-to-day operations of Chesapeake Healthcare Planning and is co-owner of the business with her husband, Mitchell Norris. Norma has over 25 years in medical sales and business management, as well as a clinical background as a Medical Technologist and Wound Care Specialist. She is also a Founding Board Member of “Women in Healthcare” in the Baltimore/Washington region.

Kevin Mettler

Director, Transition Services

Kevin oversees all Transition Projects, Initial Outfitting and Move Management for Private Sector, VA and DOD arenas. Kevin has over 20+ years as a Healthcare Transition Expert, with 40+ years in Acute Care, Outpatient, Imaging, Hospice and Teaching Facilities. He is versed in all areas of Transition Engagement Management, from initial business development, to completion.

Juan Aguirre

Project Manager

Juan specializes in management of inventory, project coordination and drafting services. As a project manager, he is involved with pre-construction services as well as scheduling and overseeing the procurement and installation of medical equipment. Juan also oversees the application of REVIT for our clients.

Min O

Project Manager

With over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Min has extensive knowledge of medical equipment planning, acquisition, facility operations, and project management. He has assisted in the management of such large projects as opening new clinical and surgical towers for a 1,000+ bed hospital and the renovation of a 7 story inpatient facility.

Courtney Baker

Manager, Government Accounts

As a project manager, Courtney is involved with pre-construction services, procurement and installation of medical equipment. She specializes in quality control, contract review, procurement, proposal writing, marketing, event planning and project management. Courtney also develops quality assurance plans, training schedules, and marketing materials.

Derek Wade

Project Coordinator

Derek has over 10 years of experience as a Project Manager. As a Project Coordinator, Derek is involved in a project from start to finish. He is also one of our Attainia database experts, and is integral in providing the reports and updates that are so important during the design and planning phases.