Project Management

As health systems rethink facility design, workflow, and space usage, planners need the advice of medical equipment planners to meet evolving needs. Chesapeake Planning and Consulting is your go-to company. With our help, government organizations from Texas to the Mid-Atlantic deliver on their projects on time and within budget. The CPC team has over 40 years of experience. Our team includes professionals with expertise in everything from pre-construction services to medical procurement. We know what it takes to get a renovation, move, or new construction done right while adhering to government regulations and oversight.

Project Management for Government Healthcare Expansions

Are you looking for a single point of contact during the expansion and construction process? Find project management for government healthcare expansions inside one vendor. Our 40+ years of experience lend a practiced hand to project management, whether you’re outfitting a new facility or in pre-construction phases. We specialize in medical equipment planning, procurement, initial outfitting and transitioning (IO & T), as well as asset management and provisions for facility expansion.

We start with an evaluation of your design and needs. Our extensive database provides resources to help organizations make more informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle. Our expertise will help develop accurate budgets to prevent overages and make informed equipment choices.

Chesapeake Planning and Consulting project management is rooted in firsthand healthcare and government facility knowledge and bolstered by a culture of honesty, integrity, and pride.