Procurement & Expediting

If you’re looking for a transparent and evidence-based equipment procurement process, we can help. Chesapeake Planning and Consulting services include evaluating medical devices according to stringent criteria. Our analysis consists of both qualitative analysis and evaluation studies. We work with you to make sure that your medical equipment and devices are purchased for the right reasons and with future outcomes in mind. We can also expedite the procurement process and assist with expedited marketplace appeals to bring essential supplies into the facilities on time.

Minimize expenditures without sacrificing patient outcomes

CPC has over 40 years of experience in medical procurement. Our team begins by evaluating your medical equipment requirements and specifications. We incorporate workflows, clinical, and architectural constraints in our initial consultation sessions. These needs are kept in mind when reviewing the current requirements of each device type and their estimated costs. In order to create accurate budgets, we use our expertise to generate lifecycle plans based on product evaluations. Access to the ATTAINA program delivers an extensive medical equipment database, so we have a comprehensive view of what’s available. Procurement plans include future purchase plans, so government entities can more accurately manage their budgets and anticipate purchases. Rest assured, Chesapeake Planning and Consulting will provide appropriate solutions to ensure organizations receive the most value for their equipment purchases.