Logistics & Warehousing

Timing matters when delivering first-class health care. Warehousing medical equipment and supplies in strategically positioned warehouses ensure that the right equipment is always available to care for patients during an epidemic or seasonal influx of medical care. Maintaining higher inventories of needed items means faster reaction times when situations arise, so you’re never caught without enough protection.

Strategic warehousing can also help reduce costs by keeping down downtime due to interruptions from shortages while also mitigating potential infection risks associated with handling potentially contaminated materials on location.

Logistics & Warehousing Services for Government Healthcare Facilities

When health care facilities need a partner with a solution for their medical and operational equipment surplus, or secure storage for essential documentation, Chesapeake Planning and Consulting finds the solution. Our procurement team sources available warehouse space with the facilities essential for your specific needs, including climate-controlled warehouses. In addition, we’ll assist with sourcing an inventory management system to make accessing the equipment you need simple and fast while showing what’s in stock and running low to streamline supply procurement. Our logistics planning helps move supplies between locations to ensure uninterrupted patient care. Government organizations across the eastern seaboard utilize CPC’s industry knowledge and single-source solutions to find the right logistics and warehousing solutions.